Elaine S. Povich

Elaine S. Povich

Elaine S. Povich covers education and consumer affairs for Stateline. Povich has reported for Newsday, the Chicago Tribune and United Press International.

Students walk to buses at Morse High School/Bath Regional Career and Technical Center in Bath, Maine. Maine is one of many states that have not adopted later start times for high schools, despite overwhelming scientific evidence that it’s better for students, due to complications such as the cost of new bus schedules.

Hit the snooze button: States debate later high school start times

By: - September 19, 2023

California and Florida have become the first states to require later public school start times, a response to reams of research showing significant advantages for high school students who can get more sleep by beginning their day at 8:30 a.m. or later. But such changes come with difficult ripple effects — upended bus schedules, later starts […]